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Price: 19.99Fitness legend Christi Taylor is backand better than everwith the all-new Totally Cool Step 2, the long-awaited follow-up to the best-selling Totally Cool Step. Just like all of Christis other famous step DVDs, Totally Cool Step 2 is jam-packed full …Read More


Price: 19.99If you have 30 days, then you have time to turn back the clock! Younger in 30 Days is the doctor approved program that offers real life fitness solutions for your real life challenges. In just a month, you can be on the road to reclaiming younger joi…Read More


Price: 19.99Seasun Zieger’s Z-Fit Super Step is an advanced all-step workout with the super fun and super creative choreography that’s the signature of Seasun Zieger’s dynamic workouts. Seasun will keep you smiling with three fun yet intense & athletic 64 count …Read More

Gliding: Booty Beautiful Sculpt and Tone Your Lower Body

Price: 19.99Slide and lift your way to a brand new booty! Booty Beautiful combines Gliding with a Body Bar to give you the ultimate total body workout with an emphasis on the lower body. With this highly effective program, instructor Keli Roberts shows you how t…Read More

Balance Flow Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga with Jennifer Kries

Price: 19.99Strengthen, calm and balance the body and mind with this exquisitely sequenced, flowing yoga practice DVD for the intermediate practitioner. Developed by internationally acclaimed yoga teacher, Jennifer Kries, and influenced by the Iyengar and Ashtan…Read More

Energy Flow Beginner Vinyasa Yoga with Jennifer Kries

Price: 19.99Tone, sculpt, breathe, and de-stress with this beautifully designed and easy-to-follow DVD designed for the Yoga beginner by Jennifer Kries. Yoga is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress, sculpt and strengthen the body, enhance flexibility …Read More

Yoga Journal: Advance Your Practice from Beginner to Advanced

Price: 19.99You’ve created a solid yoga foundation and now it’s time to safely progress to more advanced poses. Yoga Journal – the most trusted Yoga magazine in the world – presents an exciting new DVD: Advance Your Practice, designed to teach you sequences that…Read More

Yoga Emergency The 12 Minute Workout: For Your Pregnancy and Labor

Price: 14.99Because so much is changing now from your balance to your posture, during pregnancy your body can hurt! This workout will give you the simple, yet effective tools you need to feel better now and anytime. The beauty of Yoga Emergency for your Pregna…Read More

Scott Cole: Yoga Tai Chi (DVD)

Price: 14.99Experience the ultimate blending of martial and healing arts: Yoga and Tai Chi with Scott Cole. Enter the Hall of Harmony with breath-filled magnificence as you embark upon a miraculous mind/body/spirit journey. Feel the Yin/Yang balance of flowing C…Read More

Yoga Conditioning for Athletes (DVD)

Price: 13.99Athletes know what it feels like to be in that place where mind, body and breath work in concert. Discover how to reach that point more frequently, precisely and effortlessly with Yoga Conditioning for Athletes. Designed by internationally-acclaimed …Read More

Back Care Yoga (DVD)

Price: 13.99Back Care Yoga – move more freely, release tension, and loosen up tight muscles along your spine with a yoga practice designed specifically to strengthen your back and torso. Rodney Yee gently guides you through this three-part 60-minute practice of …Read More

Infinity Strap Basic Yoga DVD

Price: 14.99This is an Instructional Guide DVD for the Infinity Strap products. It also contains over 50 minutes of Basic Yoga instructional guidance. List of Postures Included on the DVD: Opening, Knee to Chest, Extended Hand to Foot, Bridge, Seated Warm up, Co…Read More

Yoga Journal: Complete Home Practice 2 DVD Set

Price: 29.99Yoga Journal – the most trusted Yoga magazine in the world – is proud to present the Complete Home Practice 2 DVD set – it’s your very own at-home yoga studio! Discover the joy of yoga through nine safe and easy-to-follow routines to improve your ove…Read More

Yoga for Beginners I (DVD)

Price: 13.99Begin with the basics. Gain a great introduction to this powerful and effective practice with Yoga for Beginners. Renowned yoga teacher Patricia Walden gently introduces you to a full range of poses for strength, flexibility and relaxation. This awar…Read More

Power Yoga Collection: Strength and Flexibility (DVD)

Price: 13.99Power yoga is a contemporary version of Ashtanga yoga – a rigorous sequence of flowing, fast-moving poses. The Power Yoga Collection with Rodney Yee includes two workouts to improve physical performance and confidence, release tension and promote pea…Read More

YogaKids 1 (DVD)

Price: 13.99The award-winning YogaKids series makes yoga more fun than a barrel of monkeys! YogaKids 1 brings beloved instructor Marsha Wenig’s acclaimed, imaginative original program to DVD. Join in and sing along as four energetic youngsters show your child ho…Read More


Price: 149.99Yoga Journal – the most-read Yoga magazine in the world – presents an amazing 10 DVD collection of at-home yoga practice plans, expert video instruction, nutrition tips and more to help you transform your life. This comprehensive program reflects the…Read More

Ashtanga Yoga Beginners Workout (DVD)

Price: 18.99Ashtanga yoga is the root of the Hatha tradition that marries the breath with movement. Ashtanga Yoga Beginners Workout DVD is a hit with the athletic population wanting to explore the world of yoga for true physical exertion. Doane leads practitione…Read More

Vinyasa Flow 1 — Uniting Movement and Breath (DVD)

Price: 18.99Vinyasa Flow – Uniting Movement and Breath is Seane Corn’s refreshingly ”real” and inspirational style of teaching at its best. Vinyasa Flow has captivated yoga students of all skill levels in cities around the world – and comes vividly to life in …Read More

AM/PM Yoga for Beginners (DVD)

Price: 16.99Take your yoga practice to the next level! Awaken to a beautiful golden sunrise over Maui with A.M. Yoga for Beginners — a gentle, yet energizing workout taught by renowned yoga instructor Rodney Yee that will prepare you for the day ahead. This sim…Read More


Price: 19.99A long lean, strong and sexy body is yours with this all-level barre workout. The Pilates Sports Center team comprised of a professional dancer, Certified Pilates Instructors and a Chiropractor, created this amazing workout which will deliver the res…Read More

Power Flow Advanced Vinyasa Yoga with Jennifer Kries

Price: 19.99Challenge the body and strengthen the mind with this Yoga DVD designed for the advanced practitioner. Developed by internationally acclaimed yoga teacher, Jennifer Kries, and influenced by the Iyengar and Ashtanga schools of yoga, this advanced progr…Read More

New Body! Pilates Toys with Jennifer Kries

Price: 19.99Challenge the body and strengthen the mind with this Yoga DVD designed for the advanced practitioner. Developed by internationally acclaimed yoga teacher, Jennifer Kries, and influenced by the Iyengar and Ashtanga schools of yoga, this advanced progr…Read More

Bob Rizzo’s Hip Hop Dance Fuzion with Gregg Russell

Price: 39.99Hip Hop Fuzion with Gregg Russell is a high-energy DVD that breaks down the basics of break dancing and “fuzes” together today’s latest Hip Hop and Funk moves. Gregg Russell playfully gets you in the groove with his warm-up, and then carefully break…Read More

Bob Rizzo’s All That Dance: Jazz, Lyrical & Ballet with Keith Clifton

Price: 39.99Learn 3 full length dance routines with the DVD All That Dance: Jazz, Lyrical & Ballet with Keith Clifton. This is a complete dance DVD that encompasses the best movements as Keith Clifton takes you through high energy Jazz, gorgeous Lyrical, and Bal…Read More


Price: 14.99Real Yoga for real people with real bodies. “Twisting yourself into a pretzel? Is this what yoga is all about? We live in the Real World – Let’s do some Real World Yoga!” It’s the first line you hear when you pop Jackie Camborde’s REAL WORLD YOGA in …Read More

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