Whatever the trauma, yoga helps

To live a comfortable life is one of the most deeply, biologically programmed needs that we are born with. When we’re not comfortable, we’re not happy. We become contracted and often times fearful. In extreme cases of overwhelming traumatic experience we are rendered incapable of integrating what’s happening in our typical way. So we are called to re-create ourselves in a new way.

Because we are so deeply programmed to live comfortably, trauma and challenging experiences can therefore propel and motivate us to evolve and grow in ways we might not have otherwise – just to regain comfort. We will do anything to move, once we are uncomfortable enough. If we’re not motivated to move beyond a certain limiting situation, then we’re simply not uncomfortable enough yet!

Whatever life throws at us, practicing yoga daily helps us cope better with negative experiences and trauma, learn something new about ourselves and be more aware of what makes us happy.

Practicing yoga  helps yus to cope with the traumas of life in a more balanced way and is simultaneously smoothing the bumps in our paths as they arise. We find that as we begin to experience chaos as the pre-amble to growth and a deeper level of consciousness, our reaction to the situation will become more accepting. And with this acceptance comes increased awareness and openness.

In this way, while we may not welcome the chaos that the bumps of life may bring us, they can be transcended with less pain because we know that life gives us only challenges that we can overtake and the Universe is simply delivering that which we need to evolve beyond our self imposed limits. As practicing Yoga  opens our body through stretching, resistance and balance,  our mind and heart follow it’s lead and opens to allow us to see beyond the daily grind.

Yoga and meditation are two very important practices designed to help reduce suffering and increase peace and calm. And they provide us with confidence and a deeper sense of security in the knowledge that whatever life throws at us we’ve got what it takes to shout out loud: Bring it on!


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