The benefits of Yoga for Children

Wondering whether the kids would benefit from a yoga class or more? In just a few yoga sessions the kids learn a lot about their body and mid, they learn self awarenss and self control. Whether a child is hiperactive or plain lazy, whether he or she oozes self confidence or on the contrary is a shy person, or even if he she is completelly normal, whatever normal means, yoga for kids  will help them develop new life skills, improve their academic achievement, a simply grow tall and beautiful with a strong sense of identity.

We Support YogaKids.comYogaKids is the yoga for children program. The founder,  Marsha Wenig had a vision to create the opportunity for all children to feel the healing affects of yoga.

Through her training programs for parents, professionals and teachers and her product line for children ages 3-12 Marsha has been bringing light to the hearts of children and adults for over 30 years

YogaKids Foundations Training is the original program that revolutionized the way yoga is taught to children.

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