Strengthening core muscles while browsing

These days I find it very difficult to find the time to practice yoga. When I used to go to the gym yoga classes and prepay my set of 5 yoga classes, yes, I would get in the car, drive all the way to the country club, get changed into the kit and wait patiently for the yoga teacher to show up and start telling us what to do and how to do it. A good part of the yoga lesson was based on sitting up straight, breathing, meditating and at times, as it happens in meditation, practical thoughts crept inside my mind. For example, the thought that I am wasting my time simply sitting and breathing, passed my mind very often. Each time,  I’ve put it in a bubble and let it float away. I watched it pop. Far away!

However, I found that even when I decided it’s time to do my yoga classes at home, (since the internet is so full of very good quality online yoga classes) the waste of time thought popped in my mind, every time when I simply sat up straight and focused on my breathing. So I decided that the sit up straight, focus on breath and see how long you can hold on there is not for me. I get too bored.

On the other hand, these meditation times, are the only times when I actually sit up properly. No slouching, no awkward bending, no belly bulging, nothing. Just sit up tall – that was something good for me but I was too bored to do it for more that 5 minutes at the time. 5 minutes of sitting tall is not enough. Fortunately I found the perfect solution. Thanks to this, I can now choose my yoga classes and I can skip through the boring just sit and breathe bits and do more of the postures I like like headstands, one leg balances, forwards and backwards bends, sun salutations, these are more dynamic moves that makes me feel in contact and control of my body.

As for the sitting: I’VE GOT A GYM BALL CHAIR, or as I like to call it a yoga chair and I sit in it while I am writing this blog post. I sit up straight, the posture of a princess at the queen’s dinner table, core muscles fully engaged, looking after my balance, I don’t have random useless thoughts anymore because my mind is busy reading, writing, browsing. Yet,  I do not slouch. I am comfortable in the upright position yet the core muscles are fully engaged and active. The belly is tucked in and every now and then, I do breathe fully aware of what a good posture and inner poise I display. Very proud of myself. This is how good this chair is. And the time wasting thought …. went in a bubble and stayed there.

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PS.  This chair is also highly recommended for any person that experiences lower back pains due to inappropriate posture at the desk. This chair will not allow bad posture, thus solving the back pain problems. Have a laptop and you wonder why you’re often falling asleep with the laptop in your lap? Well… Just because it’s called a laptop, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to place it on your lap. Place it on the table, sit upright on one of these balance ball chairs and if you do fall asleep, you’ll know it instantly!

Balance Ball Chair

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