Sitting or Standing on a Balance Trainer for Better Posture and Core Strenght

Yogis, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and people with lower back pain, watch out: Bosu Sport 55 cm Balance Trainer helps you strengthen and coordinate several major muscle groups, including the muscles you don’t see and especially the core muscles.

The Bosu balance trainer and core muscles exerciser targets your core muscles–the muscles around your abdominal and back area–while you perform a host of different workouts, from squats and bicep curls to lateral shoulder raises and hip extensions. As a result, you not only gain strength, trim, and tone, but also improve your balance and coordination along the way. In addition, this, half of a gym ball balance trainer helps strengthen the mind, with thoughtful movement that requires the participant to not only be physically involved, but also “here and present” with the mind fully engaged. By combining physical and mental focus, Bosu training will boost your performance across a wide continuum of activities, including sports, recreation, and daily tasks. I admit I am pretty lazy, and I use my Bosu balance trainer for balancing while brushing my teeth, drying and combing my hair and anytime I do something boring. I place it on my chair and sit on it while working in front of my PC. Here’s what this does for me: I’ve got better posture, I  walk now with increased poise, my lower back pain is gone.

cose muscle, balance trainer and exerciser, half of a gym ballThe Bosu balance trainer–which measures 55 cm and comes in blue–comes with a foot pump and an exercise manual. It’s perfect for

  • strengthening and coordinating core muscles;  s

upporting squats, bicep curls, shoulder raises, crunches if you’re into this sort of self torture, s

  • trengthening, trimming, and tonning while improving balance and coordination. What I like most about it is that it c

ombines physical and mental focus,introducing some amusement and challenge into my daily boring tasks. And of course it forces me into good posture while sitting on it, in front of my computer. Click here to buy your own  Bosu Sport 55 cm Balance Trainer

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