Keeping Your Body & Mind Healthy With Yoga At A Bali Retreat

There are no accurate records to show the exact period of time when yoga was first practiced but all evidence show that it has been around for thousands of years. In fact the earliest recorded practice of yoga dates back 26000 years ago in India during the golden age. yoga retreatRegardless of when it was first practice the fact is that it has very many health benefits.

It is not easy to sum up all the health benefits of yoga since the list is endless but some of the benefits would include the following:
Yoga increases blood flow. Due to the many physical posture involved in yoga it gets your blood flowing. The relaxation exercises learnt in yoga will help in circulation especially in your hands and feet.

Yoga helps boost immunity and also drains your lymph. As you move your muscles and organs in different yoga posture you will be able to empty the lymph. By doing that your lymphatic system is able to fight infections much better.

Yoga helps ease migraines. According to various research findings, people who suffer regular migraines are able to reduce their occurrence and intensity after three months of practicing regular yoga.

Yoga is one of the best methods for weight loss. We all know the many effects of excess weight and so yoga being a physically engaging activity it helps us check our weight. Through regular meditation one is able to be more aware of what they are eating.

Yoga helps lower the risk of a heart attack. By engaging in aerobic yoga you are able to boost your heart rate which in turn helps prevent a heart attack.

Those are just but a few benefits of yoga and to ensure you get all this benefits doing your yoga in a peaceful or serene environment would be more ideal. Very few places if any in the world beat Bali, Indonesia when it comes to a perfect yoga retreat. One of the places that every person that practices yoga must visit is Ubud for some of the best Bali yogi retreats on the island.
During a Bali yoga retreat you will get to experience yoga than you have never before and you will definitely take your spirituality to a different height.
The peace that you find in Bali you can never find it anywhere else in the world. Here you get away from everything else in the world except nature. Surrounded by a large rice plantation, a jungle and a mountain this is the place you will find all the inspiration you need.

There are varied types of yoga and meditation you get to practice here and you will do so in the company of yoga masters and other people from around the world who will teach you how to take your yoga a notch higher.

Besides from the yoga you also get to eat healthy and organic food straight from the garden. If you don’t find all that you are looking for at Bali then it does not exist.

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