How to meditate on own perception of self

how to use meditation to discover who you really are. exercise for expanding the mindOur self image is like a costume we wear on dressing up party Wearing a mask, a costume, and assuming a different identity for a few hours it’s fun, but when we wake, we give usually give up the disguise and adopt our usual real world identities.

It’s easy to give up an identity adopted for a night but I wonder why do we cling to our “ real world ” identities ? What is left of us if we’d try to give that up as well and see who we really are. It’s not an easy things to do as we wore our “real world disguises” for so long that we see it as a genuine self.

Should we change this and attempt to see beyond the roles we have in society? How do we do it?

Well, in theory it’s easy. In your next meditation session, instead repeating mantras why don’t you ask yourself who you truly are? Ask yourself what are you if you are not the butler, the mother, the doctor, the engineer, the cook, the hairdresser, the driver, the healer,  the lawyer, etc… What is left of you if you choose to remove your day to day social status? When you think you have found the answer, ask yourself the very same question again?

Silencio Music - Dream Time - Music for Meditation & Deep RelaxationAt some point you’ll understand that what or who you are can never be defined by a single identity or a group of identities. You’ll realize that every shape, every object, every person is simply an representation in your own mind, and often an illusion. The meditation on this subject is a mind expanding exercise. It can go on forever and it is designed to remove mental limitations and open it up to a myriad of possibilities.

Did you ever try it? Where did it lead you? What did you discover about yourself?

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