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Healthy Squatting, Unicorns, Rainbow Icecreams.

So what does a cute cartoon unicorn pooping creamy rainbow ice creams have to do with a squatting and healthy postures? What’s a Squatty Potty? Find out with this YouTube video that is hilarious and equally educational: This video, apart from making us laugh out loud also reminded us how the modern homes’ comforts caused us to […]

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yoga classes and equipment for children

The benefits of Yoga for Children

Wondering whether the kids would benefit from a yoga class or more? In just a few yoga sessions the kids learn a lot about their body and mid, they learn self awarenss and self control. Whether a child is hiperactive or plain lazy, whether he or she oozes self confidence […]

Turn meditation into a morning routine

Taking time to meditate improves our daily life. Meditation help us to:  live more in the present;  find forgotten  joy in the small facts of life;  differentiate between the important from the small potatoes; look at our daily challenges from a different perspective…an enlightened one, to list just a few. I used […]

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How to Choose a Thailand’s or Bali Yoga Retreat for your Next Trip to Asia

Asia is considered to be the home of yoga. Well, it is true that its roots are to be found in this portion of paradise but they have spread far and wide. Still it makes so much sense to seek a yoga retreat center in Thailand when you are on […]

Keeping Your Body & Mind Healthy With Yoga At A Bali Retreat

There are no accurate records to show the exact period of time when yoga was first practiced but all evidence show that it has been around for thousands of years. In fact the earliest recorded practice of yoga dates back 26000 years ago in India during the golden age. Regardless […]

Sports gear on sale with big Reebok discount

  TODAY ONLY: 60% Off Reebok Shapewear The hottest sales expire as quick as they come, so you had better jump on this one fast. Just for today (3/24) Reebok is offering 60% off on all Shapewear items for women! Don’t miss this perfect opportunity to update your workout wear […]