5 Exercises That Burn The Most Calories

We have a guest blogger today, who is going to tell us which are the five exercises that burn the most calories

“You probably already know the best thing you can do to burn calories is probably running.  But if running isn’t an option for you, then there are many alternative exercises that you can do in order to burn calories.  I do have to admit, not all exercises are created equal, and some are good while others aren’t, especially if you’re trying to lose weight.


That is why I have decided to show you five exercises that I think are the best if you are trying to burn extra calories.  Most of these don’t involve any type of heavy weight and for most you don’t even need a gym membership.


There are certainly other good ones but these are personally my favorite and they seem to work good for burning calories.  I have found that when you perform some of these exercises with a normal free weight workout you will be able to get in top shape in no time.


So without further ado here they are.


Riding A Bike (Cycling) – This seems simple and it is, but riding a bike is one of the best cardio workouts you can do.  You are able to burn calories, workout your leg muscles, enjoy a local park, and actually have fun doing it.  You can even buy a second hand bike at your local cycle store too.  Or if you have the money then you can get a mountain bike and actually go on hiking trails with it to get an even more calorie-burning workout.


Jumping Rope – The simple act of jumping rope helps with coordination, works out your forearms, and most importantly it helps burn calories.  You can perform them forward backward and any form you like.  Boxes have utilized the exercise of jump roping for years and it gets them in incredible shape.


Swimming – Swimming is great because when you do it you workout all of your muscle, not just one muscle group at a time like common workout routines.  I personally like swimming in the ocean because the salt water is good for the skin, but a pool or pond will work just as good.


HIIT – High Intensity Interval training involves several exercises in short repetitions all performing them one after another.  This causes your body to workout harder than normal, meaning you will burn more calories compared to a regular workout where you perform a rest in between you perform an exercise.  You usually combine bodyweight exercises with quick running routines, but you don’t always have to.


Hiking – The last one is hiking, which is probably my favorite.  It doesn’t even have to be that steep of a mountain or hill, but just getting fresh air and walking in nature is a fantastic workout.  If you don’t think you will make it on a hill or mountain, then you certainly can begin by walking around your neighborhood or park and then work your way up to steeper hills.
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