5 Easy Ways to Stay Focused on Your Dieting Goals

If you want to stay focused on your dieting goals and you’ve been having a little trouble doing so up to this point, you should know that it’s never too late to turn things around. Once you’ve discovered our 5 easy ways to stay focused, you’ll be ready to overcome your dieting challenges and achieve your weight loss goals. It’s all about finding what motivates you, and continuously reminding yourself of those reasons. While there are many ways to strengthen your mind such as keeping an eye on your weight (hover here), we have found the following techniques to be the best, enjoy!



#5 Picture Yourself in Smaller Clothes1_smaller_clothes


Planning a post-weight loss wardrobe will be a fun way to stay motivated. For example, if you’re female and you’ve shied away from wearing body-conscious clothing, because you aren’t at the slimmer weight that you prefer, shop around online and look at everything that you’ll be able to wear once you achieve your weight loss goals. Bookmark some preferred items and maybe even order one in your ideal (i.e. smaller) size.


Every day, imagine yourself in all of the clothes that you’ve always dreamed of wearing. This constant reminder of your goal will promote your motivation, making it easier to choose to exercise and diet. Furthermore, whenever you get the urge to break your diet or exercise routine, go online again and look at all of those clothes. A lot of people remind themselves that “nothing tastes as good as being thin feels” and you may tell yourself this if you’re feeling weak.


#4 Find New Activities and Interests


2_new_thingsSometimes, we focus too much on dietary restrictions when we are trying to lose weight. This means that we put all of our mental energy into thinking about what we’re missing, from ice cream to French Fries and beyond.


While there are many supplements out there to help curb your appetite and increase your mood, you will find that the best way to succeed is to take the focus elsewhere and start engaging in new and exciting activities. For example, finding a new way to exercise, such as kayaking or swimming, will be a great way to distract yourself, have fun and burn calories.


#3 Join Online Support Groups


support groups, connectYou deserve to feel supported as you diet. Today, online, there are so many great message boards, Facebook groups and other groups which are gathering places for dieters. When you join one, you’ll be able to check in whenever you would like, in order to find the emotional support and advice that you need.


#4 Talk to a Therapist


therapy, yoga, connect, communicate, explore inner selfSometimes, deep-seated problems from childhood or later on affect us, even subconsciously, and make it difficult for us to resist emotional eating. In other words, we medicate with food. If you think you might be in this situation, you should know that choosing the right therapist and discussing your life and emotions may be the key to banishing emotional eating for good. Lots of therapists counsel clients who have trouble losing weight.


#5 Get Regular Exercise


get fresh air, fill lungs, breathe better, feel, run mindfully

Running woman

Regular exercise is a tonic to the system. It naturally raises the metabolic rate and makes it easier to lose weight. If you want to find the best form of exercise for you, consider brisk walking. It doesn’t cost anything, requires nothing in the way of equipment (you already own shoes!) and is very beneficial to the body. As well, exercise promotes good mood via the release of feel-good compounds known as endorphins.


Now that you know five ways to stay focused on your weight loss goals, you’ll be ready to move forward and slim down. It’s all about visualisation, getting your feelings out, moving around and sharing your thoughts with others who are in the same situation. Once you’ve used our tips, you may find that you’re much more committed to dieting and getting results.

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